May 31, 2020

Song and CeremonyShamanism: The term Shaman originates from Siberian ancient tribal languages. It means “one who sees in the dark.” Shamanism relates to traditions, and spiritual practices of ancient world cultures that believe we are all connected to one another and to everything else in the world and universe in which we exist. The inherent nature of what exists is energetic in structure and is therefore ever present in some dimensional continuum.

I am a licensed, ordained Minister of Shamanic practices. I perform and facilitate  ceremonies and rituals that are non-denominational and all-inclusive.  I recognize a Creational Source that we are a part of and we influence with our thoughts, words, and actions. I acknowledge in my individual and group Service work that there is an inter-relationship of all of us to one another and to our Mother Earth.

Vibrational healing with sound. Music is a powerful healing medium which keeps us in tune with Well-Being. Sound of certain vibrational frequencies influences  our innate abilities to maintain balance in our body-mind-spirits. My shamanic expression in Service includes the use of  instruments and vocals that resonate vibrational energies of a healing nature.  I use this medium of connection in my one-on-one sessions as well as with group gatherings. Read more here.

Offerings of Ceremony and Ritual include and are not limited to:

  • Chakra Crystal Bowl Group Sessions (private and public)
  • Individual and group Ceremonies and Rituals with Bowls, percussion, wind instruments, and vocals.

Life Settings for celebration, ceremony, and ritual include:

  • Union Ceremonies (legally recognized by state and federal regulations)
  • Birth and death rites and rituals
  • Structural clearings and blessings
  • Psycho-spiritual healings
  • Crystal Bowl Circles (public and private)
  • Drum Circles
  • Seasonal Change Ceremonies

*All private session work is oriented to the recipient’s intent for themselves in seeking guidance and assistance.