May 30, 2020

Maria Theresa Crystal Bowl CeremonyQuartz Crystal Bowls are  instruments which are used to  promote balanced mind-body-spirit function and Well-being. When a Bowl is played, its sound vibrations absorb into the brain and all the major organs of the body through the Chakra Centers.  All chakra’s are interconnected so the balancing of one Chakra center affects the balance of all others.


Chakra’s are life-force energy centers within the human body. There are 7 major chakras that start at the base of the spine and end at the top of the head.  The energy flow within and between these chakras influences the functional balance of the brain and all major organ systems. Balanced chakra energies promote our sense of ease and well-being.


The use of minerals for their various healing properties has been studied and practiced for centuries. Quartz Singing Bowls are a new age application of the healing properties of minerals at its highest potential.

Quartz Crystal Bowls serve to re-tune and align the mind-body-spirit toward maintaining a natural state of Wellness.

What People Are Saying:

Feed-back from Bowl Session participants suggests that  the etheric quality of the Bowl Song often connects the consciousness to other universal planes and stimulates a deeply, relaxed state of body-mind awareness.  The stillness in the  room after the Bowls have been played is profound. The quality of the silence is suggestive of out-of-body experience.  People often describe hearing the Bowl Song moving  into one ear and flowing out the other.  I believe this to mean that the under-lying oscillation and over-tone vibrations of the Bowls actively connect left brain function to the right brain enhancing the flow of synaptic signal from one brain hemisphere to the other.

Quartz Crystal Chakra Bowl Song is a pure energy form of connecting to the All of who you are.  I invite you to come and experience your uniqueness through this beautiful Vibrational healing medium.

Rev., Dr. Maria Theresa